Shop The Junk Food Clothing Spring Trends!

The 90’s… the era of grunge music, cult film Clueless, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and slap on bracelets, but let us not forget some of our favourite cartoon characters. Who here remembers watching Snoopy, Looney Tunes, and of course the iconic Mickey Mouse? That is what Junk Food Clothing’s Spring collection is all about. Imagine, all of the coolest old school characters on oversized tee’s and cute tanks to add a retro edge to your skinny jeans or high-waisted Levi’s!

You can purchase the styles below straight from ASOS and  in store House of Fraser!

We can always rely on Junk Food Clothing for a good bit of inspiration, take a look at this collage which brings together a collection of ideas that created all things for spring 2012! If you haven’t already, we would also strongly suggest you follow Junk Food Clothing on Pinterest which you can check out here; full of edgy and some extremely funny images ready for you to repin!

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