Coca Cola Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Junk Food Clothing

Coca Cola celebrates 125th anniversary with Junk Food Clothing at Colette, Paris

What goes together better than coke and junk food? Coca Cola and Junk Food Clothing, that’s what! Junk Food Clothing have teamed up with iconic label Coca Cola to help them celebrate their 125th birthday (they don’t look a day over 80, if you ask us!) and have launched ‘the ultimate Coca Cola Experience’ in Parisian fashion and lifestyle boutique, Colette and the legendary London department store, Selfridges.

Mixing cute displays, a soda bar, Pop-up shops and and exclusive Junk Food Clothing Coca Cola tees, this is one birthday party just ‘bubbling’ over with fun.

With prices from £24.99 for these specially designed tees, you can get a retro, vintage inspired tee celebrating one of the most loved brands on the planet. We particularly love the red Cherry Coke tank and the grey I Love Coke tee.


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