90s Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

The Summer of 2011 might end up being easily confused with the Summer of 1991. We seem to have stepped back in time by 20 years, and we’re enjoying the 90s all over again!

Crop tops, leggings, New Rave, acid brights, House, Buffaloes, The Fresh Prince, Hippy Chic, skater skirts, The Craft, braces, Sweet Valley High, smiley faces, bomber jackets, The Spice Girls, Clarissa Explains it All, acid denim, chokers, hair mascara … what’s not to love!? Make sure you’re up to date with this trend which is sure to be HUGE on the festival scene.

SoundGirl 90s Fashion wearing Wildfox

90s Festival Fashion with SpiritHoods

Bip Ling and Eliza Doolittle 90s Fashion wearing Wildfox

We’re looking to the cool, new-gen of the ‘Brit Pack’ and 90s loving labels, like Wildfox and SpiritHoods, for inspiration. Let Eliza Doolittle, SoundGirl and Bip Ling show you how to get 90s ready for Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

90s festival fashion with Wildfox

Grazia celebrate 90s fashion with Soundgirl

Sweet Valley Fox Wildfox Summer 2011 Lookbook

Let’s take it back to the old school!


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