Competition Time – Self Service Giveaway to celebrate 500,000 blog visitors!

We’re so happy to announce we have now had over 500,000 hits since this blog began in August 2009 (here’s one of our first ever posts)! And to celebrate with all our lovely readers we’re giving away a Self Service goody bag stuffed full of our brands, including – Wildfox, Junk Food Clothing, Disney Couture, LnA and SpiritHoods!

This prize is money can’t buy as it includes items that aren’t available in the stores yet, including Summer 2011 Wildfox!

To be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment on this post telling us which Self Service brand is your favourite and why!

You have until 3rd June to enter, see below for t&c’s.

Good Luck!


Terms and Conditions:

Entries must be received on the blog by 1pm on Friday 3rd June 2011.
Open to all European residents only.
One winner will be chosen by Self Service and notified by email on 6th June 2011.
The competition is open to over 16s.
The competition is operated by Self Service, 25 Harcourt Street, London, W1H 4HN.
Self Service’s decision is final. No cash alternative is available. The prize only includes what is expressly stated to be part of the prize.


  1. Nav

    Ooh tough decision but I think Wildfox has got to be my Self Service brand – Fun, youthful and, well, just really cool!
    Everytime you’re wearing something by Wildfox everyone wants to know where you got it from, so it seems it really is one of the coolest brands out there right now!

  2. Linda

    It’s definitely Wildfox. They breathe life into the fashion world through basic styles with imaginative and unique girly designs that are equally hard and soft, dreamy and in your face and simply ingenious.

  3. It’s so hard to choose but I love Disney Couture. Appeals to my love of Disney, brings back lots of happy memories and above all else, is incredibly stylish. Disney chic for big kids like me 🙂

  4. It’s so hard to choose between Wildfox and Junk Food but i’m gonna go with the latter. Junk Food tees have not only brightened up my wardrobe and my life but they are the coolest, comfortable tees around. Worth every penny! X

  5. Nikki

    Gorgeous Disney Couture for me because it keeps a little bit of the magic of my fantastic but too far apart trips to Florida close to my heart and reminds me to keep saving for the next one.

  6. burntgnomes

    It has to be disney couture! Such a unique collection of jewellery bringing to life the old time and new favourites and childhood memories of disney love! Can’t be beaten!

  7. Estelle

    It has to be Wildfox!
    THE most inspirational brand this side of the century! They just had these wonderful ideas one day, started from the bottom, with nothing and just worked their souls into making tees that are cute, fun and suitable for all!
    Also have you seen their campaign videos??? So much creativity! I love all of them especially their most recent, Vive la France – Stunning!

  8. Danielle

    Oooh that’s a tough one I actually love all of them but Wildfox is probable my favorite. they have something to fit every personality and mood I think I’m a bit of a Wildfox addict I would own it all if I had the bank balance to feed my addiction. Wildfox is also really comfy and easy to wear, and they also stand out. The other day my lecturer got distracted by my love poison tee she was trying to read it. I have had to stop my friends walking off with my wildfox stuff on many occassion. plus their ads and videos are compelling and you want everything in them and they are really inventive and unique
    I also love spirit hoods because they are really soft, you can’t help but stroke them.

  9. jade clancy

    It has to be Wildfox Couture, I’ve never known a brand to be so addictive and consistent! Every season, every item is a must have. If I was a rich girl I’d need to buy a house to home my Wildfox in because I’d have every piece! XOXO


    i absolutely love disney couture its fab i especially love the snow white collection and the alice in wonderland dont ask me why because words just cant describe how fantastic they are so original and fab 🙂


    Ilove spirithoods def got to get one for me and my little terror his year so we can stalk the streets together! But Wildfox would be more for my ‘everyday’ wardrobe!

  12. Ariel Rel

    My favorite brand of yours has to be either Disney Couture or SpiritHoods. Both are fashionable, unique, and almost could go with any outfit!

  13. gladys

    all of the featured brads are super cute and fashionable, but my personal favourite is disney couture, as jewelry can bring an outfit together and their pieces have timeless characters in a very chic way.

  14. Lauren

    Disney Couture wins hands down for me! The pieces themselves are lovely and I find myself spending hours online ogling them all, trying and failing to work out which item I like best xD Plus I love the fact that I can feed my Disney obsession whilst looking stylish at the same time!

  15. Eva Giakalou

    Well…after a lot of thinkin…i choose disney couture cause first i love disney and all the fairy tales!And because i’m a hopeless romantic girl who wants to make this world more magical wearing these amazing jewelery!!DISNEY COUTURE!!!!

  16. DaisyB

    This is a tough decision! But I think I’d rather choose the Disney Couture, maybe ’cause I’m still a child inside..

  17. SMMS

    I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m yet to have had the pleasure of experiencing all the brands, so I’d have to go for Disney Couture; mainly because buying their jewellery for my fiancee makes her one very happy lady indeed and that makes me even happier!

  18. Michelle

    As much as I love wildfox for being able to dress up a pair of jeans or junk food for t-shirts that are always commented on, it’s got to be Disney couture for me.
    Childhood nostalgia on a cocktail ring!

  19. Maheen

    I love Disney couture! The little trinkets remind me of all the classic movies I grew up with. I fell like they symbolize a part of me that will always be a Disney child.

  20. Samantha

    Disney Couture. The brand makes me like Peter Pan, I’ll never grow up from the disney loving child wearing them.

  21. S Bull

    I love Disney Couture, quirky, unique and made with a sense of humour! Their designs are always imaginative and so clever really capturing the essence of the films they represent 🙂 x

  22. Wild fox is MY favorite because it makes me think of summer tan lines,beach parties,pink ice cream,glittery nail varnish and loud music :]
    It’s all sooooo soft and cosy ^_^ and you can dress is up or down!!!
    Oh and their photoshoots are the bee’s knee’s ❤

  23. Kayleigh Ann

    Congratulations! I absolutely love the blog and its great being able to keep up on all the latest gossip on these fabulous brands. 🙂

    I adore all the brands!
    However my favorite has got to be Wildfox – fun/sexy/young/cool….. I’m in love.

  24. Ella

    Wildfox is most definitely my favourite Self Service brand. Not only do they have some of the best designs but the clothes are exceptionally well made and so comfy to wear.

  25. I’d have to say Wildfox because the clothes are beautifully made and designed, and you can certainly tell the quality when you wear them. I think Wildfox is the brand that teaches you it’s quality not quantity when it comes to clothing items. A Wildfox tee will last forever and will always look good – you can’t say that about many brands!

  26. Kelly

    Wildfox is my absolute favourite! So easy to wear, great designs and comfy! There’s always room for more WF in my wardrobe 🙂 x

  27. Kat Fiction

    I’m quite partial to Disney Couture but my favourite has to be Wildfox. Their clothes are just effortlessly cool. I think it’s a sign of great design when the wearer looks fantastic but like they haven’t had to try, like the fabulousness just happened!

  28. Crystal

    Arrrrrgh ! Decisions , decisions ….

    Serfontaine is definitely my favourite .. the pieces are so sexy and even celebs wear them . They’re very current , unique , yet comfortable . Their jeans sound like they were made in heaven . “Bum-Lift” The answer to every gals prayers (Maybe just mine then!?) I love how individual the style is and how unusual the personal touches like the stitching are . Some of the items look fairly casual but others are right head turners ! My kind of shop ! Love it !!!!

    Lovely Blog btw … thank you for the chance to win .


  29. Emma G

    Self- Service their website rocks!
    My favourite brand has to be wildfox,
    Cool and effortless, edgy to a tee,
    Imagine I’m in LA, sets my mind free,
    Quality expectations exceeded, what you expect from couture,
    Inspirational posts on self-service blog leaves me wanting more.

  30. kirsty clennell

    This is easy for me, has to be Disney Couture! Iive been to disneyland quite a few times now, im 20 and i went back in april last year ! love everything to do with it, makes me feel like a big kid again! all the pieces are gorgeous and designed so well ❤

  31. Disney Couture is my fave! Love the intricate designs and youthful feel of the pieces! I also love the princess feel of the pieces and how moms and daughters can wear the pieces!

    Love the blog


  32. Katherine

    I love La Mer because one look at the designs and it makes me feel like I’m on holidays 🙂 So pretty! xx

  33. Leira D.

    SpiritHoods! SpiritHoods! SpiritHoods! They are just plain amazing! They go with just about anything and are furry, warm, and soft! I love them!

  34. Nicky

    What can i say… diggin spirit hoods but has to be WILDFOX simply cos it takes me back to that place of cupcakes and fairys and all things girly wirly.

  35. Cat McGovern

    Hands down Wildfox as they have the best tees ever! They make me smile. Particularly ones with cats on them. 😀

  36. Dawn Wright

    It is soooo hard to pick a favourite brand – I am stuck between Disney Couture for their delightfully pretty jewellery and also Wildfox for their cute and girlie tees!! Don’t make me choose a favourite, please don’t make me pick!!!

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