One to Watch: Lily Collins

She’s the daughter of a pop legend, she’s beautiful, she can channel Audrey one minute and Brooke the next, she’s a movie star, AND she’s dating Taylor Lautner. Haven’t heard of her? We think that’s about to change.

Lily Collins is the 22 year old daughter of Phil Collins, and set to follow in her father’s famous footsteps has several blockbuster films under her belt and in production. You may recognise her from the Oscar winning The Blind Side (she played the daughter), and Twihards may recognise her as the one who has stolen the heart of stud-muffin Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner), her co-star in up-coming film, Abduction.

Lily has also bagged the lead in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, which is one of THREE Snow White films out in 2012, putting her in direct competition with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart. Lily is about to create some serious waves in LaLaLand!

If that’s not enough, Lily is also being hailed as a fashion icon. Her versatile, chameleon looks have seen her taking on fashion darlings from years gone by in several editorial spreads, including screen legends Audrey Hepburn and Brooke Shields in Tatler and InStyle. She also has great, boho personal style which she showed off in this months US Glamour magazine, in a Wildfox Fox tee.

Excuse the cliché, but Lily Collins is most definitely one to watch.


Images: Tatler, Glamour and InStyle

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