Jessie J Shows Her Wild Side in Wildfox

I’m guessing that by now you have all heard of BRIT winner, chart-topper, superstar, Jessie J, but if not here’s a quick recap. This 22 year old Essex girl is a singer/songwriter who made a name for herself by writing songs for megastars, including Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, and has now found phenomenal success with her own debut album,  Who You Are.

Her distinct, wild, in-your-face style and equally ballsy music have helped shift Jessie J into superstar in a matter of months, with her second single, Price Tag, going straight to number one. And for this Wild girl, there’s one brand of choice – Wildfox. Jessie J has been spotted in several Wildfox tees for UK and US appearances, on shows like Daybreak and PopEater, and one things for sure, the girl knows how to rock Wildfox. We ♥ you Jessie J!

Shop Jessie J’s Wildfox Tees here


Credit: Eade/ and Daybreak

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