Introducing Blood is the New Black – Fashion meets Art

Say hello to our newest label at Self Service – Blood is the New Black. This cooler than cool t-shirt brand is all about making a statement and blurring the line between artists and fashion. With amazing collaborations with designers like Justin Blyth, Christopher Glancy and Dan Monick, these photographers, artists and illustrators help turn you into walking, talking art. T-shirts can be a powerful way to get a spread a message , so get it off your chest by putting it on there!

Here’s a bit about the brand that puts underground artists firmly in the fashion designer seat.

In 2004 designer and line curator Mitra Khayyam set out to accomplish three goals with the start of her T-shirt line Blood is the New Black:

1.       Display the works of emerging artists, designers and photographers in order to propel their careers and support the underground art movement, through design collaborations

2.        Introduce fans of both fashion and the arts to new designers, photographers and illustrators, to whom otherwise consumers may have not been exposed

3.       Create a line that is wearable, comfortable and stylish, yet has an opinion

BITNB encourages the public to explore current art and design trends by prominently featuring the work of underground artists, photographers and illustrators on the company’s soft, well-fitted T-shirts and products.

The line provides collaborating artists with an avenue to explore social topics of his/her choice, while also bringing attention to issues, which may not be part of the mainstream discourse.  Themes explored during the line’s 5-year run range from love and death, sex and money to social status, politics, nature, God, and even the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Those daring enough to wear BITNB products, instantly become a walking canvas and conversation piece.

From the company’s genesis, the focus has always giving artists and collaborators a place to express not only their designs, but also their points of view on a range of topics. Every part of the production and the unique pieces that are seen each season along metropolitan streets and urban clusters around the world, celebrate one person, and that’s the artist.

Blood is the New Black is available at asos and Urban Outfitters.


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