Vive la France – Wildfox, Lady Gaga and Paris Fashion Week AW 11

Paris Fashion Week is well under way and what better way to set fashion in motion than to join La Révolution Française with Wildfox and their Vive La France collection.

Wildfox‘s latest collection is based on French aristocracy and decadence, namely the by-word of both those things – Marie Antoinette. And our generations leader of all things decadent and elaborate, Lady Gaga, will be making her catwalk debut at PFW tonight for Thierry Mugler‘s womenswear catwalk show. Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, is the designer and showing his first womenswear show for the label. You can even watch the entire show via the Thierry Mugler facebook page at 9pm tonight.

So get in to the French spirit, slip into a Wildfox tee and say Bonjour to PFW!


Images:, Thierry Mugler and Wildfox

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