Take 10 Project with Wildfox Couture

Take 10 fashion bloggers, give them all a Wildfox tee, and what do you get? 10 very different and very stylish ways to wear a Wildfox tee.

Adele – http://www.moltocuriosa.com/
MJ –
Sarah – http://www.weshopthereforeweare.co.uk/
Sabine – http://psynopsis-english.blogspot.com
Sherin – http://www.thehifashionsite.com/
Paula – http://www.pinkbow.net
Jazmine – http://jazzabellesdiary.blogspot.com/
Vicki – http://magpie-girl.blogspot.com/
Jen – http://littlebirdfashion.blogspot.com
Ellie – http://www.prettymuchpenniless.com/

The Take 10 Project challenges a group of fashion bloggers to take the same item and put the own spin on it and show readers just how different one item can look on different people.

This challenge saw all 10 bloggers get this Wildfox oversized tee in black, and we love what they did with it. Some went cutesy and colourful, some went rock’n’roll with leather, some went day time and some were night owls, but they all looked a-maz-ing!

How would you wear it?


Image: moltocuriosa


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