All I want for Christmas is … Disney Couture Jewellery

Shopping for those important people in your life at Christmas can be a struggle. It’s hard to know what people would like, and it’s even harder to get something they’ll love!So we at Self Service would like to lend a helping hand, and we’ll let you in on all our little secrets about what people *really* want for Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend or your mum, a rock chick or a pink princess – we’ve got the perfect presents! Kicking off our SS Christmas Gift Guide, we’ve got gifts that work for everyone of all ages, Disney Couture Jewellery.

1. Coach Pendant Necklace

2. Cinderella Bracelet

3. Disney Castle Necklace and Earring Set

1. Perfume Drink Me Bottle Necklace

2. Cinderella Key Necklace

3. Key Charm Bracelet

1. Tom Binns Alice in Wonderland Key Necklace

2.Tinkerbell Multi-strand Star Bracelet

3. Little Mermaid Anchor Necklace and Earring Set

1. Believe Ring

2. Tinkerbell Bangle Set

3. Tinkerbell Hot Air Balloon Necklace

We’ll bring you the next Self Service Christmas Gift Guide soon. Happy shopping!


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