Get Inspired by Disney Couture’s Inspiration Collection

We’ve been trying to keep quiet about this collection for what feels like forever, but finally we can reveal all! The New Disney Couture Jewellery Inspiration Collection will be hitting shops in 10 days time!

The Inspiration collection is simply gorgeous and includes lots of Disney favourites like Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh and lots of inspirational messages on bracelets, necklaces and rings – ‘Believing is Just the Beginning’, ‘Have Faith in Your Dreams’, ‘fantasy’, ‘faith’ and ‘believe’. So whatever your favourite Disney memory, character or film, there’s something for every Disney Couture fan.

With a mix of Silver and Gold pieces, as well as gorgeous enamel pieces in autumnal colours, these pieces are perfect as a little treat for you, or a special gift for someone else. We know they’ll be on our Christmas list (Christmas is 65 days away if you’re interested :)). Our favourite pieces are the Alice in Wonderland Drink Me necklace, the ‘believe’ ring and the stack of three gold bangles. What are your favourites?


NEWS FLASH: Asos has just gone live with some of the Inspiration Collection We’ll race you there!


  1. Pleasant In Passing :)

    Hi there!
    I’m just a passer by showing your blog some love!
    Goodness knows how much I love me some Disney Couture Jewellery. I’ve gotta say i’m with you on lovin’ the gold 3set tinkerbell bagle- in fact i’ve just ordered off ASOS! I adore the inspirational messages they’re incorporated this season, its fun, cute and profound. Plus who doesnt love Disney?

    I’ve also got my eye on the ‘Have faith in your Dreams’ bangle but I already own the older ‘think of a wonderful thought’ version. They really are FAR too similiar to justify owning them both i’ve figured……right? lol

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely comment 🙂 We’re so glad you love the collection as much as we do. Bet you can’t wait for your asos order! Those bangles are similar, but they’re so pretty – I love mine! SSx

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