Red Carpet (Scream) Queens at Spike TV Scream 2010 Awards

Scream if you want to see some gorgeous stars in beautiful dresses! Are you screaming? Ok then, here’s our round-up of the best of the red carpet looks at Spike TV Scream 2010 Awards, honouring the best in sci-fi, fantasy, comics and horror.

Representing the vampire crew, we have Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed from Twilight, and  Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer from True Blood.  This lot showed that Vampires know how to raise the style stakes, and we even managed to find a picture of K-Stew smiling!

Next up we have the comic crusaders, fantasy firecrackers and sci-fi babes. Leading the way were Blake Lively and Megan Fox. Blake was determined to flash some thigh in her Lanvin dress, and why not, we’d show off those stems too, and Megan looked delightfully demure in her peach number.

Horror hotties were also out in force, as original and new generation came together on the red carpet as stars of Scream films, Neve Campbell and Emma Roberts, turned up at the awards! Both vamped it up in black, and looked like very glam ‘Scream’ Queens. They won’t get far from any serial killers in those heels though!


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