Boys who like Girls (Junk Food T shirts)

We think we’ve spotted a trend. We know fashion is getting more androgynous every season (just look at the pic above from Chanel’s SS2010 collection), and the line between guys and girls clothes is often a blurry one (skinny jeans, deep v necks, uggs, trench coats, ray bans, Bryan Boy, Marc Jacobs, etc…), but it seems some guys want to take things a bit further – actually wearing girls clothes in a non-cross dressing fashion (when skinny fit it’s quite skinny enough, we presume).

We’ve seen a few trendsetters leading the way with this new craze, especially everyone’s favourite rhubarber – Russel Brand! Twice we’ve spotted Russel (soon to be Mr Katy Perry) in our womens Mickey Mouse print burn out Junk Food T shirt, and do you know what? We quite like it! Sure it’s skinny fit, but that’s his style – and we love it! We’ve also spotted Irish weather forecaster Deric Hartigan wearing a womens Care Bears t shirt – and we love that too.

What do you think guys (and girls)? Do you like it? And guys, will you be wearing any women’s Junk Food?



  1. Christopher

    All boys should wear girls clothes and finally give us the equality we gave them by letting them wear jeans and suits and all our clothes. They get to wear everything so why can’t we. Fair is fair. They are just clothes after all!!!

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