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Friday is finally here, and the best bit is, no, not the promise of a lovely lie in tomorrow, it’s time for Blog Stalking! What’s Blog Stalking all about? It’s simple – we share our blog obsessions with you, in the hope of spreading the fashion love! When a blog hooks you straight away, and you fall in love at first post, and you feel the need to read every post they’ve ever written, EVER, you know you’re onto a winner. We want to share some fab blogs from all around the world that we’re hooked on, and today’s obsession is…

… the beautiful styling and musing of Taghrid Chaaban, and her chic blog Taghrid shows us exactly why she’s a stylist, photographer and designer, with her beautifully put together outfits and her unique, visually stunning editorial style images (shot by her younger sister). Taghrid has a natural air about her which translates in the way she writes, styles herself and the simple and clean layout of her addictive blog. Every outfit she wears tells a different story and narrates her LA lifestyle. Whatever style, trend or designers you’re into, my guess would be Taghrid has it covered.

I always thought to myself, man I wish there was somewhere I can rant on and on about my obsession with clothes and shoes with other people who are just as obsessed as I am. And then one day I stumbled upon a few blogs that I really liked, and after lurking for a couple months, I decided to start one of my own.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with weird items, and dress to impress yourself. As cheesy as that sounds, I really do believe fashion is a great way to express how you feel and who you are as a person. Fashion is not just about labels. (Teen Vogue)


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