Steal Celeb Style with Wildfox

We are completely in love with this gorgeous poster from Wildfox Couture, showing just a few of the celebs who have been seen in Wildfox tees, jumpers and jeans and who just can’t get enough of THE hottest brand at the moment, Wildfox (especially you, Halle Berry – you can’t seem to get enough Wildfox).

Everyone from supermodels (Alessandra Ambrosio), super-star singers (Beyonce, Cheryl and Christina), Disney stars (Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale) movie stars (Halle Berry and Megan Fox) and style queens (Victoria Beckham) can’t get enough of Wildfox, and dressed up or dressed down – it always looks amazing!

So channel your inner Valley Girl, dig out those Daisy Dukes, go with the boho and rock the heck out of your wildfox! Here are our Wildfox celeb pics, and if that’s not enough celeb style, check out our facebook album full of celebs in Wildfox.


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