The Jacques Townhouse Soirees

Last night the Self Service ladies went along to a fairytale soiree at The Jacques Townhouse and entered the wonderland that they had so beautifully created. Sophie Ellis Bexter worked with Jacques Cider to create a amazing beautiful house in the centre of London fit for ‘the ultimate girly night’. Candy coloured tulle pompoms hang from white branches and the ceiling, mishmashed plates, saucers and cups decorate walls, flours and upturned crates, out-of-this-world cakes and cupcakes create a beautiful back-drop to the white-washed bar and, most of all, the bellhops, waitresses, maids and concierge whip you into a 1920s dramatic frenzy!

After being shown to the reception, the concierge desk presented us with our ‘Mapkin’ (a napkin with a map on it, natch) and our key to the house which allowed us to enjoying complimentary Jacques and cupcakes (delicious, fyi, and from Vintage Patisserie). We wondered around the house and took in all the sites, including: Benefit Makeovers, Dressing up room, Styling, Tarot reading, Fortune Telling and best of all ‘a DJ’ (otherwise known as a man winding a gramophone – amused me all night). We even saw the beautiful Kat in a Wildfox tee – so clearly, everyone attending this event has impeccable taste 😉

You and your friends are invited to our stylish soirées,curated by Sophie Ellis Bextor at The Jacques Townhouse, in London.

The Jacques Townhouse is a stylish world inspired by forest fruits and orchards where you can join in the fun and the fantastical or just laze around and relax.

Every night features a frivolous tea party of deliciously decorative cupcakes, style advice, future gazing with tarot readers and live DJs. For you and your friends to enjoy the ultimate girly night, it’s the place to be seen this summer.

It was a fantastic evening and has to be seen to be believed, there are still two nights left to attend, so get on facebook now and apply for your free ticket!


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