Fashion from the Festivals: iTunes Festival

1 venue, 31 nights and 62 artists! Sounds like a challenge right? But no I’m talking about the amazing iTunes Festival and this weekend saw the month long party draw to a close and we thought we’d collate all our favourite bits for all those (like us) who didn’t manage to win some tickets.

The festival returned to Camden’s Roundhouse this year for the second year running and as always the tickets were free, you just had to win them (and we all love a good comp). The festival started the 1st July and boasted more than 60 artists performing including festival staple Florence + The Machine,  Living Legend Ozzy Osbourne, Scissor Sisters, Plan B & Tinie Tempah, Self Service’s crush Dasiy Dares You and Pop princess Pixie Lott.

We adored Pixie’s prom dress and Diana’s sparkly gold number, two beautiful ladies that we would have love to see perform plus to have played in those balloons; Gig + Bright Balloons = Brilliant night! And if that is not enough for you lot take a peek at the iTunes Facebook page to see photos and performances from every night.


Images: iTunes

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