Blog Stalking – A Girl Playing Dress Up

It’s Friday, the weekend is so nearly here I can smell the BBQ and suntan lotion, and best of all, it’s time for Blog Stalking! What’s Blog Stalking all about? Well, we share our blog obsessions with you, in the hope of spreading the fashion love! When a blog hooks you straight away, and you fall in love at first post, and you feel the need to read every post they’ve ever written, EVER, you know you’re onto a winner. We want to share some fab blogs from all around the world that we’ve gotten hooked on, and today’s obsession is…

… Fashion Writer and Stylist, Victoria Aitchison, and her straight-talking, in-the-know blog, A Girl Playing Dress Up. Victoria doesn’t mince her words, she knows what she likes and how she likes it. Strong opinions and style dominates this funny and inspirational blog, which features insider fashion knowledge, tips, vintage finds, a tattoo addiction and general musings. We’re addicted to her image heavy posts and sarcastic comments that have us stifling our giggles in the office. If you’re a bit fed up with sugar-coated fashion blogs, A Girl Playing Dress Up is just what the fashionista ordered!

Fashion Writer and Stylist Victoria contributes to various magazines and on-line blogs. Victoria writes how she speaks – with sarcasm and honesty – Describing her job as, “Merely thinking out loud.”

Clients include: VICE Magazine, Fault Magazine, Sketchbook Magazine, Notion Magazine, Who’s Jack Magazine, Air Images, Let Them Eat Cake Magazine, Fashion 156, Aniv Von Borche (Designer) and To The Moon Alice (Band)

If you think you know a blog we should feature, then let us know and you might just see it appear in Blog Stalking!


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