Blog Stalking – SOS! Save Our Shoes

It’s Friday, the weekend is nearly here (2 hours, but who’s counting?), and best of all, it’s time for Blog Stalking! Let’s get started by telling you what Blog Stalking is all about; we share our current blog obsessions with you, our lovely and fashion hungry readers! When a blog hooks you straight away, and you fall in love at first post, you feel the need to read every post they’ve ever written, EVER, and then you know you’re onto a winner. We want to share some fab blogs from all around the world that we’ve gotten hooked on, and today’s obsession is…

…the beautiful and funny Fiona and LJ from SOS! Save our Shoes. If you guys aren’t reading their blog you should be, we are totally addicted to their fun-loving, fashion filled, gossip fuelled adventures; filling us in on their lives, loves and fashion addictions, we just can’t get enough! So if you need to be saved, have an obsession with shoes and all things fabulous, we would defiantly recommended sending out an SOS!

Two friends.
One half lives between Kuwait/London/New York
The other half lives in London.
They are the best of friends though.

Style. Fashion. Art. Creativity. Music. Make up. Food. Pretty much whatever comes to our minds and we’d like to share. We like to talk about what we wore, what we would like to wear, who we would like to wear, what we do, who we did, when we are going to do it next. But mostly, we just like to talk.

LJ likes clothes, shoes and make up in general, playing with candle wax, petting dogs, cracking her joints, bubble baths, Karl Lagerfeld, chatting to grannies, the texture of velvet and leather, cranberry juice and most types of tea.

Fi likes her not-so-secret snort, kingsland road, vintage teacups, planning her sleeve, gchat with Lajoon, free publications, platform heels, fake pedro, large earphones playing loud music, pulling hairs and spiced rum.

We are partners in crime disguised in innocent looking faces.

Save our shoes. Save our world.

If you think you know a blog we should feature, then let us know and you might just see it appear next week in Blog Stalking!


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