Blog Stalking – Where Did U Get That

So Friday came and went and we missed the fabulous Blog Stalking post that, quite frankly makes our Fridays, so we thought we’d spice things up and bring it to you today (oh yeah, on a Tuesday – that’s how we roll!;)). Blog Stalking is about sharing our current blog obsessions with our lovely and fashion hungry readers! When a blog makes you fall in love at first post, and you have to read every post they’ve ever written, EVER, then you know you’re onto a winner. We want to share some fab blogs from all around the world that we’ve gotten hooked on, and today’s obsession is…

…the very stylish Karen Blanchard from, Where Did U Get That, an ex-pat London Girl taking a very fashionable bite out of the big apple. Karen documents her trendy day-to-day style with the help of her photographer boyfriend, Michael Marrs, who captures the fashionista in a beautiful way that has such a fresh, yet editorial, feel, which shows off her boho/London/NY style to perfection! We love Karen’s style and image-heavy blog as we so often focus on American brands (like Wildfox, LnA and Junk Food) and how they translate from America to the UK, and Where Did U Get That is the perfect mesh of east-coast-meets-LDN! We dare you not to fall in Love with Karen, her style and her beautiful blog!

When I first moved to NY from London, I had no idea WHERE some of best places were to shop. Not the big name department stores. We all know those. But those cool boutiques squirreled away across the city that a new comer like me longed to know about. THOSE were the shopping gems I wanted to discover. The places where stylish local New York girls shopped and loved. Growing up in London I knew where they were, but not here. Not knowing anyone to help, I set about finding them myself and over the years,I built up a closet based on those hunts (to mix in with what I already brought over from England). To this day, nothing thrills me more in this city, than to stumble on yet another hidden treasure. Now that I’ve experienced both sides of that big pond, I’ve often been asked where did I get what I’m wearing so I figured I’d start a blog about it since I’m now a mish-mash of both cities. An Englishman in New York as the lovely Sting would put it. That’s definitely me.


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