Glastonbury Festival: 40th Anniversary

This weekend Glastonbury’s 40th birthday drew to a close for another year, and what a year it was! Kicking off on Wednesday 23rd every one could tell Glastonbury upped their game; with more performances, more to see, more to do and hot weather to boot, this was the year to go, and if you were lucky enough to be there……. blugh! (Love you really).

This year around 140,000 peeps donned their unnecessary wellies and graced the field at Worthy Farm, Somerset to watch some a-maz-ing performers including Scissor Sisters (who performed a ‘surprise’ duet with Kylie Minogue), Gorillaz, Shakira and of course Prince Charles, the most uncomfortable festi-goer there is.

Glastonbury is renowned for being one of the prettiest festivals and this year it didn’t disappoint. The 1,000-acres were a site for sore eyes, looking like a patchwork, fairytale circus; Towers made from ribbons, arenas bedazzled with rhinestones and adorable hand painted signs, and if the view wasn’t enough the festival was completely mud-less, the first year since 2002.

And after all that we are too jealous for any more words, so have a gander at a few of our favourite pictures while we sob in the corner!

For more info, pictures and gossip visit Glastonbury online


Images: Zimbio

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