Daisy Dares You at the Selfridges launch of The Music Tee

With something as cool as The Music Tee, we couldn’t launch it in the UK without doing something special; so we held a free gig with Daisy Dares You in London’s iconic department store, Selfridges.

The Music Tee was created by Jeremy Wineberg (pictured above with Daisy), and is a t-shirt company that combines your favourite bands, digital music and fashion in one catchy little package.  There’s no secret that music and fashion go together brilliantly, figuratively speaking, but now, thanks to The Music Tee – they literally do as well! Each tee comes with a unique code (just for you) on the t-shirt tag, that you can then use to download a digital copy of the album from www.themusictee.com! The tees are very popular in the US, with a cult celebrity following that’s almost as cool as some of the bands involved! So if you love The Plasticines, Devenrda Banhart, Monsters of Folk, Perez Hilton and Sliimy, or Daisy Dares You herself, these tees are for you!

Press, fashionistas, fans and shoppers joined in the fun at Selfridges as Daisy performed a set with singles from her up-coming album, Rush, which you can exclusively down-load with The Music Tee. Daisy has a punk-meets-pop look and a grown-up, laid back style, which fits surprisingly nicely with her fresh, pop sound. We were already hooked on her addictive first single, Number One Enemy, but after watching Daisy perform (very energetically, we might add) her newest single, Rosie, we’ll definitely be buying her music tee and checking out the whole album! We also loved Daisy’s lookalikes who stormed the stage after the performance having there own private disco! Daisy cuddled up with them for a ‘Where’s Daisy?’ moment!

We were lucky enough to exclusively interview Daisy after her performance, and she’s so lovely we really want her to be our mate! Find out all about Daisy’s style, festival tips and what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a musician (sorry for the sound quality!)

The Music Tee is available at Selfridges now (from all 6 artists). Prices start at £55.

We’re giving away a Daisy Dares You Music Tee tee on facebook! You get the tee and Daisy’s new album, Rush! Enter Now!


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