Big Brother 2010 – The Finale

As soon as our Daisy Dares You event at Selfridges to launch The Music Tee is finished tonight, we’ll be hot-footing it home to catch Big Brother! The beginning of the end starts tonight with everyone’s favourite part of Big Brother, the entrances! There’s something so entertaining about watching those VT’s of the poor suckers contestants who have sold their sole to get on TV. Expect lots of ‘I’m mad, me!’, ‘I just like being naked’, ‘I’ll pull anyone’ and ‘if people don’t like me, they can go f$%k themselves!’ to come flying out of their mouths as they plea with us to love them! Exactly who is going into the house is still top secret, but the rumour is over 75 hopefuls will be at the studios, with the final contestants revealed at the last minute!

So to get in the Big Brother mood, here are some of our fave moments from the last 10 Big Brother’s.

I was desperately trying to find a video of the Box Challenge in 2005 – possibly the best challenge ever! What’s your best BB moment?


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