Part Deux: MTV Movie Award 2010 Red Carpet Rundown

Dah dah……Part Deux to our MTV Movie Award lowdown and it’s time to get down to business ‘who wore what’ and most importantly ‘who looked best’.

If you’re looking for a fashion disaster (apart from Lindsay) or a dress malfunction I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed, “Shocking!!” I hear you say and with that many reality stars in one room I can’t blame you, but the ladies looked amazing. The red carpet ended up mirroring weather, scorching hot! These celebs turned up for a party rocking sexy, summer fashions; bright, shimmery and short. I think I want to own everything, seriously everything.

We’ve had such a hard time choosing whose dress we love the most,  so we’ve decided to call in the team (that’s you) to help us, Who do you think wore it best?

Images: Zimbio

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