Wildfox: Total ‘Eclipse’ of the heart!

Diaries out ladies, the countdown begins; It’s just over a month till the release of the third instalment of the twilight saga ‘Eclipse’ (Yay!!) and what better way to sit in anticipation than wearing the limited edition Wildfox vamp-tastic collection, available exclusively on asos.com! The six new styles are totally worth thirsting over, almost as much as the twilight boys ( I said almost!?!).

Plus if all that isn’t enough to keep you die-hard fans occupied till July 9th  ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ is out tomorrow (5th June) to top up your twilight-meters.

So now we know what we’re wearing, and what we’re reading, the only problem is deciding which team to support, Edward or Jacob?

Images: Asos and Wildfox

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One comment

  1. i love those Wildfox vamp-tastic collections! the one with “my boyfriend is a vampire” is so catchy…
    it’s a fun idea to go to the movie wearing that t-shirt. LoL.

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