Daisy Dares You to launch The Music Tee with performance at Selfridges

We can’t contain our excitement at Self Service HQ as we prepare for the mother of all launch parties next week – The UK’s hottest pop starlet, Daisy Dares You, is helping us launch The Music Tee at Selfridges on the 9th of June, and best of all, you’re all invited!

The Music Tee is brand-spanking-new to the UK, and is a t-shirt company that combines your favourite bands, digital music and t-shirt fashion in one catchy little package.  There’s no coincidence that your fave tee is probably a tee with your favourite band on, or from your all-time favourite festival, and now The Music Tee have made things even better! Each shirt comes with a unique code (just for you) on the t-shirt tag, that you can then use to download a digital copy of the album from www.themusictee.com! The tees are very popular in the US, with a cult celebrity following that almost as cool as some of the bands involved; Amanda Blank, The Plasticines and Mos Def.

And to celebrate the UK landing of The Music Tee, we’ve teamed up with Selfridges to premiere the new Daisy Dares You tee, which features a gorgeous black and white image of the coolest 16 year old on the planet (ok, it’s a toss up between Daisy and Taylor Momsen) and her up-coming album, RUSH, tracklists, inlcudng her smash hit, Number One Enemy! Daisy will be performing at the event followed by a Silent Disco! There are also loads of surprises in-store, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

The Music Tee – Do you dare?


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One comment

  1. omg?she is my family i love her i am just nine but she is good to so i love her for that so i love you daisy i mean daisy darers you you are so cool BYE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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