Fashion from the Festivals – Glastonbury

We’re heading full pelt into festival season and as-well as giving you Fashion from the Festivals (read our Coachella instalment), we’re also ‘step by step‘-ing what to wear to the our favourite UK festivals;

First on our hit list is Glastonbury; the summer time, feel good festival where anything goes! This is a biggy, with loads of celebs always attending, this year U2  are headlining and our favourites Dizzee Rascal, Florence and The Machine, Scissor Sisters, Marina & The Diamonds and MGMT (what a collection right?) are all performing. This is top of any new festi-goers to do list. Starting in prime summer-time, Wednesday 23rd -27th June, we’re planning for fun in the sun (fingers crossed).

There is no ‘official’ right way to dress (but defiantly wrong, looking at you, Winstone) but a Laid-back approach always works, just look at the lovely Florence, Daisy and Lizzie for a lesson in effortless style. Team over-sized tops with mini bottoms, hedge hair, vintage sunnies, wellies and a leather saddle bag to compete with these beauties (or at least give it a good go!).

SelfService’s Glasto wishlist: 1. Oversized Wildfox jumpers 2. Denim shorts 3. Hunter’s Wellies 4. Retro sunnies 5. Saddle bag

For info and full line up: Glastonbury festival

Images: Asos, Spoiledbrat, NewLook, PopSugar, Hunters

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