Sex and the City 2 trailer – get excited!!!

It’s here – it’s finally here!!! The brand spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer is here for our viewing pleasure! I’ve watched this 3 times now, and feel it’s only right to share the joy! We’ve all heard the whispers about the storyline, but now we can see (some of it) for ourselves, SATC 2 is not all light and fluffy costume changes, it’s packing some punches – Aiden appears in the dessert, Big’s flirting with Penelope Cruz, and Liza-frickin-Minelli is performing at Stanford’s wedding! But any twists in the plot cannot compete with one thing – the styling genius of Patricia Field, the SATC stylist who keeps us watching the girls looks and drooling over every single outfit! (All hail the Field!)

I’m now counting down the days until May 27th when the girls, outfits and beautiful men are back on the big screen! See you at the cinema! I’ll bring the Manhattans!

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