POP STORES at WHITELEYS launch party

Get the run-down of the POP STORES at WHITELEYS launch party from the winner of our Guest Blogger competition, the lovely Emily, as she fills us in on all the gossip, fashion and fun!

So you may or may not have heard about a little launch party at London’s Whiteleys shopping centre last week.  Luckily for me, I caught wind of it, and luckily for you, I’m about to fill you in on all the fashion frivolities that took place thanks to Self Service, who picked me to be their guest blogger.

Promising the world’s first floor of pop up stores, Whiteleys’ second floor has been transformed into a temporary treasure trove, you see, offering stores like Junk Food (an American-retro themed store holding the brand’s print T-shirts), Bower of Bliss (a quirky little jewellery joint offering trinkets from Tom Binns for Disney Couture and other pretty pieces), the POP Store (housing Wildfox wears), and FrostFrench (Jemima and Sadie’s store set up with Tudor-like wooden beams, neon ‘strip’ signs by the dressing room and, to top it off, a rather large bed in the middle).

Of course, such brands – and parties – don’t just grab the attention of you or I; they lure little stars, too.  Oh yeah, this was a full-blown red carpet affair – and my first one, might I add.  On the spied list was Sadie Frost and Jemima French (natch),T4’s Jameela Jamil and Nick Grimshaw, Remi Nicole, singer Eliza Doolittle in darling denim dungarees, and Kelly Osbourne sporting a seriously slim figure, purple rinse and rather pretty boyfriend to boot.

And so I mingled, supping champers and tequila cocktails along the way, as we rummaged through rails of cool printed tees, cute day dresses and glam evening ones, and gorgeous gold-gilted gifts for the home – damn right, there’s a bit of everything.

Everything including music, actually.  Alice Dellal and her new band Thrush Metal were on hand to give a quick performance – at least I think it was them; dressed in men’s suits and wrinkled old man masks, I can neither confirm nor deny such rumours.

If your in town (Bayswater, now that you mention it) sometime between now and December, I suggest you pop on down to Whiteleys and explore the stores for yourself – you might just find a new haute haunt.

What a amazing party (And post! Thanks Emily). Don’t panic if you didn’t manage to make it to the party, the POP STORES are now open at Whiteleys, so, as Emily said, head on down and see for yourself! Also a massive thanks to our other entrants  Miss Laura and Fabfrocks, who have both written posts on the night too, so be sure to check them out!

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