Vanessa from The Saturdays in Disaya at Valentine’s Day London premiere

Vanessa White, from girl band The Saturdays, showed how to rock a grown-up, sexy punk look when she walked the red carpet with fellow band mates at the London premiere of Valentine’s Day. Vanessa teamed her grey and black Disaya strapless dress with killer platform peep toes, a humongous studded waist belt, so many necklaces I’ve lost count, lashings of red lippy, and that hair – it’s huge, it’s dynasty, it’s awesome! I love how their stylists hasn’t gone down the ‘girl band, matchy-matchy’ route (i.e. early days Girls Aloud) and has gone for looks that represent every girls individual style. You might recognise Frankie’s Manjit Deu sequin dress (far right) as the dress worn by Kimberly from the Pussycat Dolls and by model and actress Tolula Adeyemi last year (if you’re an avid Marian Kihogo reader, you probably do!)

The Saturdays didn’t have much competition on the red carpet from the stars of the film, with Jessica Alba ruining her look with those clumpy hockey boots with heels, and Emma Roberts adorable, but forgettable skater dress (ps, how teeny is Emma, she’s cute as a button!)

The boys kept it dapper with Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace rocking gorgeous outfits. Ashton arrived with his mind-boggling gorgeous wifey Demi Moore, who showed the younguns how it’s done on the red carpet – love that Marchesa dress.

The film is receiving some less than great reviews, with critics dubbing it the poor man’s American version of Love Actually. Have you seen it? What did you think? Maybe The Saturdays should have been in it!

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  1. cocoa lux

    Vanessa took a risk and made it work . Her hair alone is amazing. You just wanna run ur fingers thru them lol. They all look stunning though.

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