Lets get Physical with Grazia and LNA

First things first, that is a real Chanel rugby ball – I’ve checked, and it cost £550!!! Brilliant, just brilliant! Oh, back to my original point, LNA leggings and zipper cycling shorts are featured in this weeks Grazia magazine in a very stylish Sports Luxe photo shoot.

Sports Luxe is a trend that won’t quit, and will be HUGE this spring/summer. Not just for the gym or the park, this look is all about wearing jogging bottoms with heels, luxe leggings and cycling shorts and jersey pieces. Sportswear inspired clothes mixed with evening and workwear will be all over the highstreet (but make sure you wear it with the highest of heels for an on trend look). So make sure your wardrobe is up to date with some fash-tastic LNA basics, perfect for getting that Sports Luxe look (without paying £550 for a rugby ball that you wouldn’t even want to get muddy!)

Shop LNA at Doll Boutique, Bunny Hug or asos

Insider tip – Bunny Hug have a fantastic sale on LNA at the moment! So hop to it! (Bunny, hop … geddit?!?)

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