Friday’s Find: LNA t-shirts

Megan Fox in LNA tee - £55

What do Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Moss all have in common? They all love LNA t-shirts and will find any excuse to wear them; from going to the corner shop (like Miss Fox) or hitting the red carpet (like style icon Mary-Kate).

Mary-Kate Olsen in LNA tee - £45

LNA started off as a provider of boyfriend fit, super-comfy tees (that quite clearly go with everything!) but now produce jumpers, hoodies, leggings (of which a certain Mrs Cole is a H.U.G.E! fan), dresses and skirts! All the pieces are perfect for achieving the ‘layered rock chick look’, stick on shades and a leather jacket and you are good to go! But be prepared to be papped, everyone will think you’re a rock star!

Kim Kardashian in LNA tee

And if LNA is stylish enough for fashion legend Kate Moss, who are we to argue? For a huge range of LNA tees (and everything else LNA have to offer) go to Dolls Boutique now.

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