Alice In Wonderland (and your wardrobe)

Alice In Wonderland is going to be everywhere in the next few months as we gear up for the release of Tim Burton’s adaptation of the classic, Alice In Wonderland. Not only is there’s huge buzz around the movie (it’s been tipped as the one to watch on The Guardian’s Hot List 2010) but there are hundreds of lovely Alice In Wonderland inspired goodies you can buy, so be a trend setter and get the wonderland look before everyone else! Here’s my top pick of Wonderland-wear!

Junk Food

Alice In Wonderland Junk Food t-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £24.99

Junk Food have a whole range of Alice in Wonderland inspired t-shirts (and should have more styles arriving very shortly, I’m told!), all the tees have gorgeous illustrations and famous Alice In Wonderland catchphrases like ‘We’re all mad here!’ and ‘Drink Me’, and all the tees are priced at £24.99 – great way to start a Wonderland wardrobe!


Wildfox Wonderland Roses V-Neck T Shirt Harvey Nichols £70

Paint the roses red with Wildfox and this very cute Wonderland tee. If you want something that’s more of a subtle nod to the Alice In Wonderland trend, then this t-shirt is great –  so snap one up before they’re all gone (they’re going to be very popular!)

Disney Couture Jewellery

Tom Binns for Disney Couture 'Alice In Wonderland' collection - available mid Feb 2010

The much-anticipated jewellery collection by Tom Binns for Disney Couture Jewellery and Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ has created a lot of buzz for months! The 2 collections (the ‘Signature Collection’ to include 6 limited edition pieces and the ‘Couture Collection’) includes teacup charms, keys and Cheshire cat smiles all injected with Binns unique, rocky edge and Burton’s gothic fairytale style. The collections will hit shops mid February, and are sure to be very, very popular!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland make-up palette 'The Book of Shadows'

All the characters in the film have been given a distinct and dramatic style make-over, including some amazing make-up looks, especially on The White Queen (Anne Hathaway) and Alice herself! Urban Decay are launching an a-maz-ing limited edition Alice In Wonderland make-up palette (only 2,000 will be available in the UK, and it has already sold out in America!) which will be available from March 2010. It adorable, with a pop-up Wonderland scene and some of Urban Decay’s best-selling products. Where do I put my name on the waiting list???


OPI Alice In Wonderland nail varnish collection

I’m a bit of a nail varnish addict, so I’m very excited about this Limited Edition collection from OPI for Alice In Wonderland. The collection has 4 different colours (shame 2 are red): Mad as a Hatter is  multi-coloured glitter nail varnish (I think this one will be very popular), Absolutely Alice is a glittery blue (my personal favourite!), Off With Her Red is a deep Queen of Hearts red, and Thanks So Muchness is a less intense red shade. The collection will be available in the UK in March 2010.

There are lots more Alice In Wonderland inspired collections out there; from jewellery by  Stella McCartney and Temporary Secretary to whole fashion lines by Versace, so there’s no avoiding Wonderland in 2010!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL! im still drooling about the Binns jewellery and dont get me started on the O.P.I nail colours!!!! Love at first sight or what?!
    Happy birthday Miss Carina!
    Hope you have a TERRIFIC one!!

    • I have a feeling it’s going to be tough getting hold of any Alice in Wonderland stuff as it’s so in demand and limited edition, but I also think you won’t rest until you own all those nail varnishes Marian! SSx

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