Cheryl Cole in Wildfox tee – Fight for This Love or I’m in Love?

Cheryl Cole has had a good week! First, Chezzer and Joe beat off the competition to win X Factor 2009 on Sunday night (and from the looks of the vote stats that were released this week, that wasn’t hard! Joe won hands down!) and then Cheryl won the style stakes, when she was spotted not once, but TWICE, wearing her heart on her…Wildfox Tee!

The Wildfox tee above is surely a tongue-in-cheek stab at the growing interest in the Cole’s marriage, and whether her wearing (or more importantly NOT wearing) her wedding ring means they’re set to split. I think this tee (and her huge smile!) say she is one happy chicka, and very much in L.O.V.E. with hubby Ashley! If you have to show the world you’re in love, or, like me, just love this tee then buy it here at Doll Boutique (I will warn you that this tee is selling out fast, so get it quick!)

And here she is again, this time walking the X-factor halls wearing an oh-so-comfy Wildfox jumper after Saturday’s show (well she must have needed to put on something extra comfy after that skin-tight dress!) I couldn’t find the exact jumper, but try this Malibu Girl jumper from asos on for size!

So Cheryl’s got her red carpet style nailed, and now she’s found the best way to be super-duper comfy AND stylish when she’s not  under the X-factor spotlight – Wildfox! Damn, the secrets out!


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