Junk Food has the X-Factor at Clothes Show Live!

Whether Stacey Solomon from X-factor wins or not, she’s definitely got us all hooked to her addictive niceness. I think that’s the best way to some her up; really, really nice! So obviously when I saw this photo of Stacey carrying a Junk Food bag, I thought ‘that’s nice‘ and I also thought it’d be really nice to share the photo with you, and show you what I think are the top 3 Junk Food tees that sum up Miss Essex herself, Stacey Solomon. I’ll stop saying nice now!

Carebears - Hug It Out - £24.99

Smile Smile Smile - £24.99

Smurfs - make love not war - £11.99

Don’t forget to come and see us this weekend at Clothes Show Live, where we’ll have lots of Junk Food niceness going on AND a great Junk Food Competition you don’t want to miss!!! Congratulations to Vikki and Sophie who are our Clothes Show Live competition winners – see you on Friday girls!

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