What’s your Sign? Wildfox Astrology tees have all the answers!

Wildfox Zodiac Astrology tees - image by stylesophisticate

These funny-cause-they’re-true Zodiac tees by Wildfox Couture have got me laughing my head off! The one-size-fits-all uber comfy white tees come in 12 designs (one for each astrological sign) and have a symbol to represent the sign and snappy one liners to sum up each star signs characteristic!

Megan Fox - Taurus - 'I'm Right'

If, like me, you know a Pisces who ‘lives in a fantasy land’, or have a ‘bossy’ Leo for a best friend, or right this second you are on your way round (with tissue, ice cream and a twilight DVD) to see your friend who’s a Cancer and has had her heart broken again (‘I love to fall in love’), then you will definitely get a kick out of these t-shirts. (Obviously the one about Aquarians, ‘My way or the highway’, is completely unjustified and not like me Aquarians at all!!!)

Pixie Lott - Capricorn - 'I'll Do Your Homework'

They would make great Christmas presents (who says it has to be a Christmas present for someone else!?) and unlike some star sign analysis, this really does ring true! Click here to buy these Zodiac tees at asos.com!

Beyonce - Virgo - 'Perfectionist'

Images: Elle, Pixie Lott, Beyonce and stylesophisticate

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