Mini Viva – Huge Disaya Bracelet!

mini viva i wish video

Even if you haven’t heard of Mini Viva, I bet you’ve been singing along to their ridiculously catchy song, ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’. The pint sized pop pixies, Frankee and Britt,  are incredibly addictive to watch, almost as addictive as their pop-tastic songs!

mini viva left my heart in tokyo

There hasn’t been a decent girly double act, well, ever, and these Brit girls are injecting some cool, Japanese inspired manga-tastic music and style into the charts. With pop-art style, loud and proud colours and catchy tunes (their style is almost as pop-tastic as their songs!), Mini Viva are set to be BIG this year!

mini viva T4 interview

Mini Viva interviewed on T4 - Frankee's wearing Disaya 'BANG!' cuff

We spotted Frankee (above left) wearing a Disaya ‘BANG!’ cuff when Mini Viva were interviewed on T4 a few weeks ago. Disaya Jewellery goes perfectly with their cartoon, anime style. I love that these girls play with fashion; they look young, original and don’t take their look to seriously, and most of all have a leggings obsession that makes mine pale in comparison! To find out more about the girls ‘supersonic’ style and inspiration click here and watch the fash-tastic interview and shopping trip in Selfridges Mini Viva did with fashionair and check out their new single ‘I Wish’, which is available on the 14th December!

Mini Viva. Big Style. Keep it up girlies!

images: Xenomania and T4

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