Sienna Miller: Jeans, Boyfriends and Broadway

Sienna Miller is a hot topic at the mo! Not only is she making waves State side in New York with her first Broadway play, ‘After Miss Julie’, but for the (ex-boyfriend) company she’s been keeping!

after miss julie sienna miller and johnny lee miller

Sienna’s play, ‘After Miss Julie’, also stars Brit actor Johnny Lee Miller, and Sienna has received luke warm reviews with the tough Broadway critics. However this isn’t getting to bo-ho babe Sienna,

“This is what I have always wanted, to be on Broadway, I’m living my dream, and that’s all you can ask for. At a certain point, you have to ignore all the rest.”

But as per usual Sienna’s love life is more in the spotlight than her stage debut, with recent sightings of Sienna with THREE ex boyfriends! First off we have Jude Law (and his amazing disappearing hairline), who is also in NYC on Broadway, and the rumour mills were soon stating that things between the once golden couple were starting up again. Secondly we have loaded love rat Balthazar Getty, the trust-fund-brat-turned-actor has AGAIN been spotted with Miss Miller getting manicures funnily enough! And last but not least is her on-off summer fling DJ Slinky (aka George Barker) who’s apparently flown out to NYC to patch up their relationship!

sienna miller love life NYC

past, present or future? the ex's: Law, Getty and Slinky

I think that all seems a bit confusing, and if I were Sienna, the only ‘boyfriend’ I’d want at the moment would be my Serfontaine boyfriend jeans (sorry about the pun, had to be done!)

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