Sleep easy (and stylishly) with Snooze City

It’s very early in the morning. It’s November and very cold. We’re all dreaming of being back in our warm beds. We spend one-third of our life in bed, so doesn’t it make sense that your bed looks the best (and most stylish) it can?

snooze city

Snooze City Designs are here to help! Whether you want to rest your head on LOVE, have all eyes on you, be papped while in the land of nod or have dreams of being a rockstar, there are pillow cases for every occassion!

snooze city paparazzi and panoramic

Snooze City was created by Michael Azria and Derek Mosher. Launched in 2007, they have built a loyal fanbase of fans that love fashion and music, and want to keep it fresh in the bedroom as well. Their designs have Brit-punk and rock n’ roll influences, designing a set of Union Jack pillowcases. The music scene loves them back, amongst others Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale have the Bride and Groom set, and liked them so much they followed up with the King and Queen design.

Their designs also have pop cult influences. Which includes a collaboration with Italian artist Simone Legno’s cult Tokidoki cartoons, and the David and Goliath range from artist Todd Goldman. With characters that are also found worldwide in his books, art gallery exhibits, and upcoming network cartoons.

snooze city design pillow cases

Visit the Snooze City site to see all their great designs! Sweet dreams!

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