Her name is Tolula and she’s wearing Manish Arora!

Tolula Adeyemi nowhere boy close up

Tolula wears Manish Arora Top and Leggings from the ss2010 collection at the Nowhere Boy Premiere

We had the very lovely and gorgeous  Tolula Adeyemi (model, actress, dj, fashionista, muse to Vivienne Westwood) come into the showrooms last week with her equally lovely and gorgeous stylist Marian Kihogo in need of outfits to wear to events that day! Dum dum dum – the presure was on! With the clock ticking and Tolula needing to rush off to the 35th Hello Kitty Anniversary event at Sketch, then on to the the Nowhere Boy Premiere and Closing Gala Afterparty for the film and the Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival we had to find her 2 outfits that would make her ‘pop’ on the red carpet!

Tolula Adeyemi hello kitty Manish AroraFirst things first we put together a look for the Hello Kitty 35th high tea and catwalk anniversary party at Sketch, London. The look was made up of LNA leggings, a Manish Arora top with pearl embellished shoulders and fab thigh-high boots – and doesn’t she look fab with her gorgeous niece!

Tolula Adeyemi nowhere boy

Tolula wears Manish Arora Top and Leggings from the ss2010 collection at the Nowhere Boy Premiere

After a quick wardrobe change, Tolula was off to the ‘Nowhere Boy’ Premiere and pictured above is the Manish Arora outfit she wore to the premiere and the afterparty! View the trailer for ‘Nowhere Boy’ below.

Oh to have the life of a gorgeous fashionista! Can’t wait to see what Tolula wears next!

images: getty images and all access

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  1. Thank you so much for this as Tolulla is sooooooooooo FIERCE and i’m always looking for the latest news on her!

    her stylist is very good,really like Marian’s site.

    you came up with really pretty looks. both outfits are wicked. the tops would be perfect in my wardrobe right now

  2. Oh my gosh how yummy is this post! Darling Carina and all the lovelies that work at Self Service Uk, I had so much fun and cant wait to come with another client to play dress up!
    Can Tolula and I come again today!! ok slowing my horses down ;o)…
    Looking forward to seeing you extra soon.

    P.S How amazing did Tolula look in those outfits. The Manish pieces and LNA leggings are abso-freaking-lutely fabulous.
    Then again talented and beautiful Tolula looks amazing in everything. She is gorge!

  3. Well we love Marian and we love Tolula so hopefully there’ll be lots more about Tolula on the blog in the future! You couldn’t ask for a better person to wear Manish Arora, like you said Kendra, you have to be fierce to pull off these looks!

  4. wardrobemag

    LOVE those Manish Arora pieces spesh the pearl embellished top!

    Also on a not-fashion-related-note, i can’t wait to see Nowhere Boy! HUGE Beatles fan 🙂

    Sunny from Wardrobe xx

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