Say hello to Junk Food in HoF, Cardiff!

Junk Food HOFCardiffOct09 002

For all the lovely readers in Wales, I have some very good news for you! 100% Junk Food, Zero Calories!!! Junk Food have  just opened a concession store in House of Fraser in Cardiff, how exciting!

Junk Food HOFCardiffOct09 001

For anyone that’s not familiar with Junk Food Clothing, here’s a quick run-down of why they’re so great! The brillant thing about retro tee brand Junk Food, is that they have licences to many of your childhood brands and offer a great, soft, comforatble t-shirt AND a trip down memory lane! Celebs like Steve Jones, Ed Westwick, Zac Efron, Alexandra Burke and the JLS boys all love junk food, and with 100s of style to choose from, it’s easy to find your own junk food style! Here’s my Junk Food pick of today: one for the girls and one for the guys!

one for the girls!


and one for the guys!

mens_black_i_love_ny_t_shirt_junk foodAnd remember, if you can’t get down to Cardiff, you can buy online at truffle shuffle or visit Junk Food in London, at Selfridges!

Enter our NFL Junk Food competition here!!!

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  1. Hello!

    I have a question to you.. i hope you have an answer to me. I’m going to london i april this year and i really love those Junk food tees, do you know were in london i can buy junk food tees? (a)

    My inglish is verry bad.. i konw.. but i hope you understand my question?

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