Alexander McQueen – Plato’s Atlantis Spring/Summer 2010

Wow wow wow! I’m speechless…well almost! It seems that the entire fashion world was awaiting Alexander McQueen’s show at Paris Fashion Week last night. McQueen’s show was drumming up 2 kinds of excitement, 1) the usual excitement for any huge fashion show, and 2) that is was being broadcast live by SHOWstudio to every fashionista that wasn’t able to be there (or didn’t get an invite; I think mine must have got lost in the post!

alexander mcqueen ss10.jpg

After a very rocky start with lots of people (me included) not being able to load the show and desperate pleas to SHOWstudio on twitter, we were all told to calm down and that the show wouldn’t be starting for another hour. Phew! Or so I thought, after getting silly-excited about the show and refreshing the page more times than I did for Glastonbury tickets, still no luck with loading the page (insert sad face here). I tried again for the repeat showing an hour after the show, but again no joy. Thanks to marvellous YouTube though, I did manage to (sort of) watch (bits of) it and it was a-maz-ing! Especially the final walk through to the sounds of Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Bad Romance’. Gaga is becoming a real fashionista, and often wears Manish Arora and McQueen as well as her own label House of Gaga.

alexander mcqueen ss10 2

If you haven’t watched Alexander McQueen’s show yet, watch it now, you can thank me later! Click here for the official catwalk footage in the mean time, look at all the lovely pictures I’ve put up for you and read my show report!

Alexander McQueen – Plato’s Atlantis Spring/Summer 2010 – show report

The Alexander McQueen show was a theatrical production even before the models hit the catwalk. With an art installation video of a naked woman lounging with snakes all over her, and a holographic light display, and of course the over-bearing cameras which dominated the catwalk and filmed the audience making the spectatures’s part of the show.

The collection is a mix of translucent sea-nymphs and post apocalyptic jungle creatures that have all gone to space and formed a super-human new species! Jungle and animal prints, such as python and butterfly, and rainforest colours, with lots of khaki green and brown tones, are mixed with water-colour blues and blurred prints. The silhouette is beautifully sculptured with built up hips and shoulders, volume is also seen in the trousers. Waists are nipped in and hemlines are SHORT! Volumous mini dresses were the main shape, in many different prints and colours.

alexander mcqueen ss10 hair

The styling was superb and the combination of sci/animal ears hair, alien make-up and special effects went well with the scrunched clutch bags and THOSE shoes. People were talking about the shoes on twitter before the show even started and it’s easy to see why they were such a focal point. Clumpy, sky-high shoe boots completely engulfed the foot and some were covered in crystals. More wearbale shoe boots and platform courts (which looked like carved bone) were also shown.

alexander mcqueen ss10 shoes

Can not wait to see what he does next! Wow!


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