Our Band Hero Taylor Swift in Disaya

The all American country music princess that is Taylor Swift is pretty in pink in this Disaya dress. She was recently spotted wearing this dress from the A/W 09 Disaya collection, in a hot pink satin with lace back and inserts – gorgeous!  The very pretty 19 year old (and very tall, she’s 5’11” !) has been a hot topic for a few weeks now and not for all the right reasons!

taylor swift disaya

Taylor had lots of interest after the MTV Video Music Awards in September when she won Best Female Video for ‘You Belong With Me‘, but her win was overshadowed by a certain someone (Cough *Mr West*) who got very angry at Taylor winning and crashed her acceptance speech saying he thought the award should have gone to Beyonce (maybe he had a bet on at Ladbrokes or something!)

But I don’t think Taylor’s too worried, as she’s now launching the hotly anticipated ‘Band Hero’ in November; the computer game that lets you become Taylor and other popstars, and perform their songs in your own living room. (have a look at the demo video, Taylor’s computer game self really looks like her at certain points, but then looks very weird in others! What do you think?)

band hero

No ones made a computer game about Kanye, maybe that was the REAL issue at the VMAs!

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