Magners and Bungalow 8 – London’s hot new couple

Magners and Bungalow 8 have come together and created something gorgeous – the limited edition Bungalow 8 Magners bottle! Myself and several other absolutely lovely bloggers; Kila from Daily Rubbish, Stevie from Discotheque Confusion, Miggy from Miggy Likes the Internet, Krista from Beauty and the Dirt and Gemma from Retro Chick (have a look at their blogs, you know you want to!), joined the boys from Magners for a killer cocktail (or 3) and some dinner at Bungalow 8 last night to all gawp at the new bottle design.

Magners Bungalow 8

The bottle is the normal Magners bottle shape, filled with the normal pear cider, but it’s had a serious make-over and is now striped! The bottle design is based on the famous interior which is now synonymous with the club – stripes. All the corridors in bungalow 8 (which there are many BTW! Try finding the toilet, I thought I’d end up in Narnia!) have the famous black and white stripes, and this was the thought behind the bottle design. Sadly no celeb spotting to report back on, but I did get some sneaky inside pics of the exclusive members club to share with you!

Bungalow 8

For the occasion, I of course needed something fashionable and gorgeous to wear, so after a quick raid of the samples cupboard found this cute-but-comfy ‘I’m in Love’ tee from Wildfox to wear!

i'm in love wildfox tee

It was a very relaxed and fun night, and it’s such a good idea to get bloggers out from behind their computer screens and to talk face-to-face with each other and brands and not just via twitter! Also got the inside scoop on a Magners taste tester competition that is worth entering if you fancy winning £50,000 (honestly, I first thought about keeping this information to myself, but then decided I’d share it because I’m nice like that!)

Keep up the good work Magners!

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