LNA Music Tee – tunes and t-shirts!

LNA have just made their super-soft t-shirts even better! Not possible I hear you cry, well it is! Have you heard of the LNA Music Tee?

lna music tee logoLNA have teamed up with some of the biggest, brightest, and so-cool-it-hurts artists out there to bring you not just a gorgeous unisex tee, with artwork on the front, track listings on the back, but also FREE music downloads!

invisible dj lna music tee

Each tee has a unique artwork design and track listing, but also a hang-tag with a URL and a scratch-off panel. It’s very simple, you visit the website, scratch the panel, enter your unique code and…volia, you download your amazing free tracks listed on the back of the tee! For a how-to video check out Miggy’s tutorial!

mos def lna music tee

There are currently 10 tees on sale, from artists such as Sliimy, Invisible DJ (as modeled by Miggy in her how-to video!), Mos Def and loads more! The other great news about the tees is that more and more artists are joining up all the time, so watch this space! I will of course bring you all the news on who’s next to become a LNA Music Tee artist!

So it’s simple: Music + Fashion = LNA Music Tee.

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