LFW Pout and Nineteen74 party at Adam Street

schon invite

On Sunday night I went along to a fash-tastic London Fashion Week party being thrown for the fashion elite by The Pout and Nineteen74 at Adam Street private members club, ironically also on Adam Street (you see what they did there?! Clever!).

pout party3

The party was fantastic, with a clever floor and wall display of work from Schön! magazine, excellent and friendly bar staff who made a mean cocktail, and a fab dj that played just enough 80s tunes to keep everyone dancing!

pout party

Although the night kicked off early at 7.30pm, by the time my friends and I got there at 8pm it was in full swing, with plenty of tables to rest our tired feet (LFW curse) and more importantly, people watch, and what a gorgeous bunch of people to watch! The best dressed award has to either go to the woman in the gorgeous 80s power-dressing double breasted red leather dress (very Samantha from Sex and the City) or the star of the evening, the mystery man who wore a HUGE fluffy hat!

pout party2 .png

We had a brilliant time and met some lovely people, saw some great photography and editorial work, amazing hats, lots of leather and best of all had a bop on the dance floor, so thanks for the invite Miggy!


  1. No i didn’t notice, but good to know you were in LNA, flying the flag Miggy!

    and now i know who the mystery man is! he kept getting mobbed, and everyone was asking for his photo! he looked amazing though! What a star! SSx

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