Megan (Wild)Fox adores California

Megan adores California, Wildfox, and Brian Austin Green or is it Shia LeBouf? I know the first 2 are right, but when it comes to boys Megan seems to be spoilt for choice! Oh to be Megan Fox for the day…I’m guesing it’s fun!

Megan (Wild)Fox
Seen here in, you guessed it, California, Megan wears the ‘J’ heart California’ Wildfox tee having a stroll with on/off boyfriend 90210 actor Brian Austin Green, despite being linked to her lovely Transformers co-star Shia very recently! We just can’t keep up, all this and her new movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is released in November! Maybe Megan would prefer this wildfox tee, think it would suit her?

boy crazy

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